June 2019 Show:

What is gained by interfacing with an extension of yourself? What do you get from staring into a two-way mirror knowing you are also on the other side? I consider this collection of work as a showroom of speculative smart devices rebranded as “Conscious Objects” focused solely on the betterment of the self, not the business. Conscious Objects blur the lines of magic and technology to imagine machines that are here to help, just help. Imagine, for example, if Alexa was held to standards of the American Psychological Association. There’s a mouthguard that measures nightly grind patterns and uses the data to make you more honest with yourself in your waking life, a machine that weighs the outcomes of life decisions using simple visual symmetry, an air filter that detects and freshens unresolved social interactions.


I think of my sculptures as appliances, fixtures, and tools. I’m influenced  by things that make up the modern home. My work changes the nature of the  things they touch, the way a thermostat determines the temperature of the room.  The scale of my work is an intimate one, so the hand that operates a coffee  maker is the same hand behind the making. Some pieces confront the viewer and  some keep a distance, suggesting surveillance or monitoring; the way they share  space with the viewer is more important than demanding the viewer’s attention.  All the sculptures are concerned with the architecture they are located in, I  encourage relationships with existing fixtures in the space. 

I’m drawn to the sparseness and simplicity of  Minimalist work. Minimalist forms represent a false purity or ideal state that  can never be, a point to strive for, like a memory. In my work, I’m interested  in the real and true. Rather than reject association, I embrace it by  translating specific, common experiences into something more general. My work  has points of differentiation, imperfections that run counter to how Minimalistwork operates. I take a collective experience and filter it through a geometric   language, turning a bee sting into a yellow rectangle. A moment of impact is  solidified and made modular, with potential to shift.  

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